IMQ GroupIMQ Group
Testing • Inspection • Certification

The "Associazione IMQ"


Founding members:

  • ANIE – Federation of Italian Electrotechnical and Electronic Manufacturers
  • ENEL S.p.A.
  • CEI – Italian Electrotechnical Committee
  • AEIT – Italian Federation for the Electrotechnical, Electronics, Automation, Computer and Telecommunications industries

Special member:

  • ANIA – National Association of Insurance Companies

Ex officio members:

  • CNR – National Research Council
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry for Economic Development
  • Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policies
  • Ministry of the Defence

Ordinary members:


  • A.G.S.M. Verona – Azienda Generale Servizi Municipalizzati di Verona S.p.A.
  • A.I.A.S. – Italian Association of Security Operators
  • A.I.P.R.O.S. – Italian Association of Professional Security Operators
  • ADICONSUM – Italian Consumer/Environment Association
  • AICQ – Italian Quality Association
  • AIDI – Italian Lighting Association
  • AIPSA – Italian Association of Company Security Professional Operators
  • ALBIQUAL – Register of Qualified Electrical Installation Companies
  • ANIMA – Federation of National Associations of the Mechanical Industry and Similar Products
  • APPLIA Italy - Milan
  • ASSIL – National Association Lighting Manufacturer
  • ASSISTAL – National Association of Installation and System Manufacturers
  • ASSOGIOCATTOLI – Italian Association of Manufacturers of Toys, Games, Products for Hobbies and Models, Christmas Ornaments and Baby Items
  • ASSOSICUREZZA – Association of Security System Manufacturers and Distributors
  • ASSOTTICA–ASSOMEP – National Association of the Optical, Fine and Precision Mechanics Industries
  • CESI – Italian Electrotechnical Testing and Certification Organisation “Giacinto Motta” S.p.A.
  • CIG – Italian Gas Committee
  • Confindustria Medical Devices
  • Federation of Italian Tradesmen Associations
  • National Federation of Wholesalers and Distributors of Electrical Material
  • FEDERLEGNO ARREDO - National Federation of Associations in the Wood Technology, Furniture and Furnishings Industries
  • I.N.RI.M. – National Metrological Research Institute
  • TMP - Italian Association of Plastic Materials Engineers
  • UNAE - Italian register of qualified electrical installation companies
  • UNC - National Consumer Association